10 Documentation

We’re going to try something a bit different this week and read distinct articles about the Roma diaspora and experience. I’ll then buttress that with my own experiences (limited as they are) and we’ll learn a little about the musical heritage of Latcho Drom. Then we’ll have the chance to discuss both Future and Documentation, and on Tuesday and Wednesday we’ll make a documentation film during class (as best we can).




4 thoughts on “10 Documentation

  1. Latcho Drom
    Florida Project

    My Love, Don’t Cross That River (2014), documents a loving elderly couple in Hwangseong and their love
    Boyhood (2014), aside from the plot, it shows how the actors/actresses age or mature along with their fictional characters between the years of 2002 and 2013
    Midnight in Paris (2011), aside from the plot, it shows the beautiful sceneries of Paris


  2. Latcho Drom,
    The Florida Project,
    Boogie Nights by Paul Thomas Anderson, which documents the sadness and manipulation which is inherent in the pornographic film industry.
    All That Jazz by Bob Fosse, which documents the emotionally self-destructive side of the creative process.


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