05 Activism

You have two seminal readings this week, which, conveniently, are both manifestos. We will use these readings directly in class on Tuesday and Wednesday, with text renderings and arguments with the ideas of the pieces as our backgrounds. Our films this week were works of Art that in themselves explicitly tried to change society. Let us try and understand how and why Art and Intellectuals do or do not have this power.

The Futurist Manifesto

Communist Manifesto (pgs. 14-21)

4 thoughts on “05 Activism

  1. Activist films are different in many ways. These films purposely try to change the world or at least the world’s outlook on issues. Some do this well and some just don’t. One film that does this well is “Bicycle Thieves”; this film effectively shows a major issue and shows a story surrounding it. This approach lands better with the audience because it feels more authentic; it feels more like a drama then a documentary. One film that doesn’t do so well is “This Is Not A Film”; this film isn’t necessarily bad just it’s unnecessary. The first minute of the film tells you what you need to know, after that it’s a bunch of useless footage of some bored guy. Even though the film does have a good message, no normal person would like it. Activist films in a whole are either hit or miss.


  2. This is Not a Film,
    Bicycle Thieves,
    CHE by Steven Soderbergh, which tried to take a deeper look into the character of Che Guevara, unobscured by the counter culture which embellished him.


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